"Roll for Initiative"

You're probably here because, like me, you love a good game of D&D.

You're a DM who needs some table top pieces, or a player who just picked up "Summon Monster"...Perhaps your nerdy friend's birthday is coming up? Either way

you've come to right place and I've absolutely got your back.

* Dramatic Music Begins *

"You find yourself scrambling and behind, working to set up a board, organize minis, stat blocks, npcs, and story... (a distant rumbling can be heard from outside your apartment door)...in your last minute scramble you realize you never finished painting your BBEG mini... *There is a sudden knock at the door* It's your players, and you're not prepared. Please roll for initiative."

So here's what's up - In all seriousness, DMs are busy. You're constantly painting, crafting, buying minis (most of which sit unpainted in the pile of shame), you're writing, and rehearsing - you're cultivating playlists, creating NPCs - building maps, gathering stat blocks, organizing game night...setting it up.

Enough. Take a breath, and let me help you out here.

I can help you bring your game to life by giving you all of the items you need - allowing you to focus on the best part of game night; gaming. In my shop you'll find hand crafted terrain, hand painted miniatures, and deluxe collections of dice, maps, minis, terrain, and more. Take a moment to scroll through the galleries on the site.

All of my miniatures were sculpted by the talented Lee Stansbury of Mini Monster Mayhem. I meticulously paint all of my miniatures, terrain pieces, and maps by hand with brushes. I don't put down a piece until I believe my customers will be absolutely satisfied with it. So take a look a let me know what you think. My hope is that they'll grant you the inspiration needed to take your game to the next level.

Game on!


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